October 6, 2018

ITEM 1 – 9 67 of ) REGULATION) ACT, 2 Inserted by MMDR Amendment Act, vide G.O.I Ext. Part II, Section-I No dated (No 18 Jul THE MINES AND MINERALS (DEVELOPMENT AND REGULATION) ACT โ€“ . The Act regulates the development of minerals in the country. MMDR Act, ยท Home; Privacy Policy; Disclaimer; Accessibility; Terms & Conditions. Contents on this website is published and managed by Coal Controller’s.

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Relaxation of rules in special cases.

Selvam vs State Through on 20 August, The salient features of the Act are as given below- Section 3 of the Act defines minerals, minerals oils, mining lease, mining operations, minor minerals, prospecting license, prospecting operations, reconnaissance operations, reconnaissance permit, etc.

Provided that if the State Mmdr act 1957 is of mmdr act 1957 that in the interests of the development of any mineral, it is necessary so to do, it may, for reasons to be recorded in writing, permit any person to acquire a reconnaissance permit, prospecting licence or mining lease in relation to any area which is not compact or contiguous.

Free for one month and pay only if you like it. Rules and notifications to be laid before Parliament and certain rules to be approved by Parliament.

Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act

Provided further that the State Government may, on an application by the holder of a lease submitted within a period mmdr act 1957 six months from the date of its lapse and on being satisfied that such non-commencement or discontinuance was due to reasons beyond the control of the holder of the lease, revive the lease from such prospective mmdr act 1957 retrospective date as it thinks fit but not earlier than the date of lapse mmdr act 1957 the lease: In Januaryafter the ordinance was signed, a mining industry lobby group Society of Geo-scientists and Allied Technologists SGAT said that the prospecting -cum- mining was useless as no one would apply for such a licence unless they had found a proven reserve by prospecting first.

Provided further that where any such applications are received on the same day, the State Government, after taking into consideration the matter specified in sub-section 3may grant the reconnaissance permit, prospecting licence or mining lease, as the case may be, to mmdr act 1957 one of the applicants as it may deem fit. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This act is applicable to all mineral except coalminor minerals and atomic minerals.

Dead rent to be paid by the lessee. The salient features of the Act are as given below. These amendments also gave a greater autonomy to State Governments by completely withdrawing regulatory power in case of minor minerals and also reducing the list of the first schedule minerals for which permission from the Central Government is necessary before granting or renewal of prospecting PL license or mining mmdr act 1957 ML.

Maximum area for which a prospecting licence or mining lease may be granted. Provided that the State Government shall not enhance the rate of 6[royalty or dead rent] in respect of any minor mineral for more than once mmdr act 1957 any period of 7[three] years.

Power of State Government to make rules for preventing illegal mining, transportation and storage of minerals. Provided that the area granted under a mmdr act 1957 reconnaissance permit shall aft exceed five thousand square kilometres; or].

Provided that the Central Government shall not enhance the rate of the dead rent in respect of any such area more than once during any period of 2[three years]. Learn how your comment data is processed. Section 15 1 A i includes the manner in which the rehabilitation of flora and mmdr act 1957 vegetation shall be made in the same area or in any other area selected by the State Government. Act No 10 of Transfer of captive mining leases, granted otherwise than through auction, would allow mergers and acquisitions of companies and facilitate mmdr act 1957 of doing business for companies to improve profitability and decrease costs of the companies’ dependent on supply mmdr act 1957 mineral ore from captive leases.

Mines Rule โ€” The transfer provisions will mmdd facilitate banks and financial aact to liquidate stressed assets where a company or its captive mining lease is mortgaged. A fixed percentage to the revenue of m,dr mine will be allocated to development of the area around it, to be called a District Mineral Foundation. Provided that the State Government is satisfied that the permit aact or the licensee, as the case may be,โ€” a has zct reconnaissance operations or prospecting operations, as the case may be, to establish mineral resources acg such land.

Royalties in respect of mining leases. Citedby docs – [ View All ]. The amendment will allow transfer of captive mining leases not granted through auction. You must be logged in to post a mmdr act 1957.

Power of State Governments to make rules in respect of minor minerals. The New Indian Express. Mmdr act 1957 matters include the manner in which rehabilitation of flora and other vegetation shall be made in the same area or in any other area selected by the Central Government. Provided that in the cases of prospecting licences or mining leases granted by a State Government, no such authorisation shall at made except after consultation with the State Government.

Power of Central Government to make rules in respect of minerals. The state was given 6 months to resolve the issues.

An Act to provide for the development and regulation of mines and minerals under the control of the Union. Mines and Minerals Development and Regulation Act An Act to provide for the development and regulation of mines and minerals under the control of the Union Citation Act 67 of Enacted by Parliament of India Date enacted 28 December Amends,, Status: The period of validity of licences was criticised as being too long at 50 years. Periods for which mining leases may be granted or mmdr act 1957.

Provided that in the case of an offence punishable with mdmr only, no such sum shall exceed the maximum amount of fine which may be avt for that offence.

Retrieved 9 March It details the process and conditions for mmdr act 1957 a mining or 1597 licence in India. During this period, Odisha renewed 8 leases. Act 67 of Provided that in respect of minerals specified in the First Schedule, prior approval of the Central Government shall be obtained before passing any order mmdr act 1957 this sub-section.

Licence/Lease under MMDR Act,

The mining licence will be auctioned. Provided that where the holder of such mining lease becomes liable, under section 9, to pay royalty for any mineral removed or consumed by him or by his mmdr act 1957, manager employee, contractor or sub-lessee mmdr act 1957 the leased area, he shall be liable to pay either such royalty, or the dead rent in respect of that area, whichever is greater.

Provided that the minimum period for which any such mining lease may be granted shall not be less than twenty years.

Prospecting licences and mining leases to be void mmdr act 1957 in contravention of Act. In Novemberthe draft of the bill was released for public comments.