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Review: Cunning Intelligence in Greek Culture and Society. User Review – Michael Murray – Goodreads. Along with Frances Yates’ ‘The Art of Memory’ this must. 1 Feb Greek Guile – Marcel Detienne, Jean-Pierre Vernant: Cunning Intelligence in Greek Culture and Society. (European Philosophy and the Human. M Detienne & J-P Vernant Cunning Intelligence in Greek Culture and Society – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online.

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Deities of this type nearly always appear, in myth, in the context of a trial imposed upon a hero who may be human or divine. Yet within our field of study there is a startling continuity socoety them. Cunning intelligence in Greek culture and society.

Yet all the cleverness of the cunning one is unavailing: Because its field of application is the world of movement, of multiplicity and of ambiguity.

MĂȘtis: Cunning Intelligence in Greek Thought

It is by means of the net that Pittacos triumphs over Phrynon, [] that Clytemnestra secures Agammemnon before stabbing him to death [] and that Hephaestus catches Aphrodite and Ares. The context shows that it has a wider cunnjng With all the weight of acquired experience that it carries, it involves thought that is dense, rich and cunning intelligence in greek culture and society pukine.

Aioloboulos appears several times in Oppian, Cyneg.

Without the slightest suspicion that it is a trap krupton dolon ane little fish follow the bait. Tags What are tags? Each time we thought we were on the point of coming to an end the frontiers of the domain which we were attempting to explore receded before us. With the weight of all the knowledge he has accumulated over the cuning, he can explore in advance all the many avenues of the future, weigh up advantages against disadvantages and make decisions with a full knowledge of the situation.

The defeat of the weak and the cunning intelligence in greek culture and society is not a foregone conclusion. Why was Aeschylus blamed for having revealed Orphic secrets in his Agammemnon?

Cunning Intelligence in Greek Culture and Society

He works most often on materials from Greece of the fifth century b. How could he triumph over his adversaries with their faster horses when he drives slower ones? Lithgow Library Intellibence Centre. In the theogonies attributed to Orpheus, however, Metis plays a major role and is presented as a great primordial deity at the beginning of the world.

These associations seem to have had a profound effect upon one whole dimension of Greek thought. Rotting rated it liked it Mar 08, Its fishing technique is described in Arist. Aelian claims that the deluded apatetheisai bustards approach this object which they mistake for one of their own kind. Vian, “le myth de Typhee et le probleme de ses origines orientales” in Elements orientaux dans la religion grecque ancienne, Bibliotheque des Centres d’Etudes superieures cunning intelligence in greek culture and societyParis,p.

Cunning Intelligence in Greek Culture and Society by Marcel Detienne

As anthropologist James Redfield see Vol. Greece — Intellectual life — To B.

But upon rereading cunning intelligence in greek culture and society, I have sudddenly realized how totally relevant the concept of cunning intelligence, as opposed to logical intelligence, is today for the understanding of the development yreek American poltics and economics, ruled as they are by the octopus and the fox, which embody metis the term under discussion in the animal kingdom.

The polumetis is also known by the name of poikilometis [38] or aiolometis.

These are as different from each other as are a theogony and a myth about sovereignty, the cunnijg of a marine deity, the forms of knowledge of Athena and Hephaestus, of Hermes and Aphrodite, of Zeus and Prometheus, a hunting trap, a fishing net, the skills of a basket-maker, of a weaver, of a carpenter, the mastery of a navigator, the flair of a politician, the experienced eye of a doctor, the tricks of a crafty character such as Odysseus, the back-tracking of a fox and the polymorphism of an octopus, the solving of enigmas and riddles and the beguiling rhetorical illusionism of the sophists.

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Conversely, the ambiguous, disparate, unstable realities with which men attempt to come to grips may, in myth, take on the appearance of polymorphic intel,igence, powers of metamorphosis which delight, in their cunning, to disappoint all expectations and constantly to baffle the minds cunning intelligence in greek culture and society men.

Marcel DetienneJean Pierre Vernant. Globalism in effecting change across the whole globe has opened itself to both social and natural viral infestations, and it has intelligemce immune system to speak of, and even less a diagnostics available to counter this external pressure.

In the first place the type of intelligence we are attempting to define operates on many different levels.