December 6, 2018

Form IMM is used by individuals who want to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) to visit Canada for a temporary purpose such as tourism, visiting. (AUSSI DISPONIBLE EN FRANÇAIS – IMM F – Annexe 1). SCHEDULE 1. APPLICATION FOR TEMPORARY RESIDENT VISA. The principal applicant, his . PROTECTED WHEN COMPLETED – B PAGE 1 OF 5 APPLICATION FOR VISITOR VISA TEMPORARY RESIDENT VISA If you need more space for any section.

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Check the box to tell us if you have ever used any other name. The total represents his family size.

You can find more information about the protection of your data by visiting the Help Centre. All family members who need their fingerprints and photograph taken and who are applying together should go to the same biometric collection service point. If you do not sign or date the form, your application will be sent back to you.

Temporary Resident applications may be submitted through a Visa Application Centre VAC or online, while the PR applications must be sent by mail separately to the visa office. You and your family members may need a medical exam to come to Canada. Your child or grandchild may use the following income scale to assess their ability to meet the income requirements.

Authority umm administer oaths varies by country. To be a citizen of a country or territory means that you were either born in that country or territory in most cases or have been granted citizenship by that country or territory.

Are there biometric requirements? If you did not type in a P. Find out more about the protection of your biometric information. This application package has: Check the correct box to tell us if the telephone number is from Canada, the United States US or Other any other country.

Temporar you have read the guide, you can prepare your application package. Authority to certify varies by province and territory. Fill out the form.

Application for Visitor Visa (Temporary Resident Visa – TRV)

Note, if your city, town, or country or territory of birth is indicated in your passport or your travel document, please record it as it appears in the document. Temporary Resident Visa application photograph specifications. Make sure you include all the supporting documents listed on the Document Checklist. A certified translator will provide both a certified translation and certified copies of the original documents. We will notify you in writing if your application is chosen.

Refers to either of the two persons opposite or same sex in a marriage legally recognized in the country in which it took place, as well as in Canada. Signature Sign and date the boxes at the bottom of the page.

Applying for Visitor Visa (Temporary Resident Visa – IMM ) –

Other issue not in this list. We will start processing of your application after you return your application with the fees. They look at the LICO in the Income Table in this guide to determine if they meet the minimum required for their family size. The stamp placed in your passport by a Canadian official is generally valid for a period of six 6 months unless another duration is specified by the official. To use the form, you need to:.

Completion check Once you have submitted your application, we will check to make sure that: A valid Temporary Resident Temporafy is not a guarantee of entry into Canada. Check with your local authorities.

The fees will not be refunded, regardless of the final decision.

If you no longer want to be a permanent resident, or if you know you do not meet the requirements to keep your permanent resident status, you can voluntarily give up renounce your permanent resident status in order to apply for a TRV.

This form must be completed by each person, 18 years of age or older, applying for a Temporary Resident Visa, a study or work permit outside Canada.

In the future, we will be introducing an “X” in the sex field. Get the instructions to complete the medical exam.