October 30, 2018

RP LLL-BB 3 L ERRATA October 1, to. API RP 11L RECOMMENDED PRACTICE for. DESIGN CALCULATIONS for. SUCKER ROD. Find the most up-to-date version of API RP 11L at Engineering 1 Jun API RP 11L. June Design Calculations for Sucker Rod Pumping Systems ( Conventional Units). Historical Version.

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Physical Characteristics of Sucker Rods c. For the last 25 years, this method has been thestandard for the design of sucker-rod pumping systems.

A correction in pump strokeis api rp 11l by simply calculatingthe amount of tubing stretch whichwilloccur with the in the designand subtracting this fluidloadused amount of strokefromthenetplungerstroke at the bottom of the hole.

API RP 11L – Design calculation for sucker rod pumping system – PDF Free Download

Theotherprogram developed a series of curves for selectingbeampumpingunits fordepths of f t to f t andvariousrates of production and and combinations of rod sizes, pump 1l1, speeds. Other Resources Looking for more? api rp 11l

The bar notations in the margins are provided as an aid to users to identify those parts of this publication that have been changed from the previous edition, but API makes no warrantyas to the accuracy of such bar notations.

Summary This paper presents a method for using the Api rp 11l recommended practice for thedesign of sucker-rod pumping systems with fiberglass practice for the design ofsucker-rod pumping systems with fiberglass composite rod strings. When the calculated pump api rp 11l is acceptable,proceedwiththedesigncalculationsby performing steps 15, 16, and Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website.

Standard: API RP 11L

Many of thecurrentmethodshavebeen developed on the basis that the mass of the sucker rod is concentrated at a point. MRI presented a api rp 11l for determining theequivalent properties of a tapered-rod system.

IHS Ep Expert subscription, simplifies and expedites the process for finding and managing standards by giving you access to standards from over standards developing api rp 11l SDOs.

The shape of the card will be the same and a different ai load will api rp 11l shift the card up or down in relation to the zero line. If a high degree of design accuracy is desired, the reader is referredto one of the many available sucker-rod simulators.

When the calculated pump displacement is acceptable, proceed with the Design Calculation. Jennings Texas A and M U. One program developed tabular material calculated for depths of 11k to 12, ft in increments of ft and for production rates of barrels per day to over barrels per day in varying increments. Some of the OnePetro partner societies have developed subject- specific wikis that may help.

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NaturalFrequency of Straight Rod String, strokes per minute. The general definition allows for multiple-material rods. The Midwest Research Inst. This should give a reasonable correction.

This paper extends the MRI work toinclude rods constructed of more than one material. This general definition putsthe pseudosonic velocity ratio api rp 11l the equation.

F, -Frequency Factor Table 4. Thetendency to oversimplify the methods forpredictingsystemperformanceisnotduetoa limited knowledge concerning the operation of sucker rodequipment, Quite thecontrary,thebasicoperatingcharacteristics of suckerrodsystemshave beenreasonablywellunderstood formanyyears. The calculated value for torque w i l l not be even approximately right and a torque api rp 11l a l d a tion must be made by some other method.

However, the Institute makes no api rp 11l, warranty, or guarantee in connection with the publication of any Recommended Practice and hereby expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility for loss or damage resulting from its use, for any violation of any federal, state or zpi regulation with which an API recommendation may conflict, or for the infringement of any patent resulting from the use of this publication.

Vibration Characteristics of Sucker-rod Strings b. The best values for and are based on manufacturers’ measurements. In theabsence of vendor data, use Eq.

In calculating pr except torque, this can be handled very easily by calculating fluid and dynamic loads independent of the rod load and then adding in the rod load. Thus, aoi, Fc intaperedrod greaterthanunity. Some of these unusual conditions are: It is believed, however, that the values for maximum and minimum loads and for pump stroke will api rp 11l reasonably good.

From these curves, values for the various non-dimensional variables may be determined for substitution in the following design api rp 11l formulas: Atvery low speedswhere static conditions are approached, the dimensionless rod stretch and pump atroke are related as follows: DimensionalAnalysis of Sucker-rodPumping Systems 1. It will usually be found necessary api rp 11l make more than one calculation to bring the limitations of the variouscomponents of theinstallationintoagreement.